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Tiggo 7 Pro

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Experience More at the Premier Car Dealership in Port Macquarie

For over 30 years, Patrick Auto Group has thrived as a reputable car dealership in Port Macquarie, committed to serving the automotive needs of the local communities. Our ethos revolves around delivering superior customer service and providing an extensive range of new and used vehicles that suit all tastes and budgets. Our modern showroom, situated in the heart of Port Macquarie, showcases many cars waiting to be explored. 

Our seasoned staff, known for their profound expertise, are aligned with top-notch brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Isuzu Ute and Polaris. Engage with the authentic essence of automotive retailing as you enter Patrick Auto Group, your prime car dealership in Port Macquarie.


  • Unmatched Quality: Cars for Sale in Port Macquarie

    Discover the realm where superior quality embraces affordability. Our meticulously handpicked selection of cars for sale in Port Macquarie is tailored to meet our discerning clientele's varied preferences and requirements. We aim to ensure that every drive you take is not just a journey but a delightful experience that exceeds expectations. We distinguish ourselves from other car yards by offering a selection that appeals to a range of tastes in Port Macquarie, ensuring that each vehicle we offer reflects excellence and reliability.

    • Extensive range catering to different budgets and preferences 
    • Each car is meticulously inspected for quality and performance
    • Trusted by the Port Macquarie community for outstanding service

    Unveiling Our Latest Vehicle Selection

    Step into our well-established car yards in Port Macquarie to unveil a domain of cutting-edge automotive innovation. Our newest arrivals blend style, superior performance, and unmatched reliability, each waiting to be the new adornment in your driveway. The ever-evolving inventory at Patrick Auto Group is a testament to our commitment to bringing the latest and the most reliable vehicles to our customers. Our car yards are more than just a place to find cars for sale in Port Macquarie; they are where dreams meet driveways.

    • A variety of models to suit individual lifestyle needs 
    • Constantly updated inventory reflecting the latest in automotive innovation
    • A seamless blend of quality and contemporary style

    Why Choose Patrick Auto Group?

    With an array of cheap cars for sale in Port Macquarie, our dedicated team ensures you maintain quality. Experience car buying like never before. Voices of Satisfaction: Customer Testimonials Discover why many choose to buy a car in Port Macquarie from us. Our legacy is voiced by satisfied customers who drive away with more than just a car.

  • A Tour of Calibre: Explore Our Car Yard in Port Macquarie

    Step into a world where automotive dreams translate to reality. Our car dealership in Port Macquarie is your playground to explore, compare and find the right match.

    An Array of Excellence: Wide Range of Brands to Choose From

    Plunge into a rich portfolio of prestigious automotive brands as you scout for cars for sale in Port Macquarie. Our curated line-up effortlessly caters to diverse preferences, showcasing a blend of technical innovation and aesthetic allure. Our car dealership in Port Macquarie proudly hosts a stellar range of brands, including:

    • Chery: Discover affordability meshed with modern design.
    • GMSV: Unleash the high-performance trailblazers.
    • Holden: Delve into the legacy of Australian automotive craftsmanship.
    • HSV: Explore high-performance vehicles that exhilarate the senses.
    • Isuzu UTE: Uncover robust utility vehicles geared for both work and adventure.
    • JAC Motors
    • Mazda: Immerse in the blend of elegance and innovative engineering.
    • Polaris: Embrace the rugged allure of off-road masterpieces.
    • Subaru: Encounter the fusion of safety and performance.
    • Suzuki: Navigate through compact yet powerful contenders.
    • Toyota: Revel in a lineage of reliability and groundbreaking hybrid technology.

    Tailored Choices: From Sedans to SUVs, a Diverse Range for Every Buyer

    Whether you crave luxury, efficiency or space, our collection embodies diversity to cater to the distinct preferences of every buyer.

  • Affordable Driving: Cheap Cars for Sale in Port Macquarie

    Your quest for cheap cars in Port Macquarie ends here. Uncover value-driven options while maintaining quality and performance.

    Value for Money: Budget-Friendly Options from our Used Car Range

    Embark on a budget-friendly journey as you buy a car in Port Macquarie from our extensive used car range, each vehicle vetted for quality and reliability.

    Assurance of Excellence: Guaranteed Quality with Every Purchase

    At our car dealership in Port Macquarie, every purchase comes with a seal of guaranteed quality and an assurance of a fair deal.

  • Smooth Journey Ahead: Hassle-Free Car Buying Experience in Port Macquarie

    Transform your car buying journey into a hassle-free experience with our meticulously crafted process, designed with your convenience in mind.

    Your Route to Elegance: Steps to Own Your Dream Car

    With us, you're a few simple steps away from owning the car you fancy. Our streamlined process makes it an easy venture to buy a car in Port Macquarie.


Visit Us Today at Patrick Auto Group

Your automotive aspirations are just a visit away. Explore our car yards in Port Macquarie and begin a new chapter of your driving story.


Embark on Your Automotive Adventure with Patrick Auto Group

The journey to owning your perfect car is thrilling, and Patrick Auto Group is here to make it memorable. Contact us today, and let's steer your automotive dreams to reality. Our team is ready to walk you through our wide variety of vehicles, ensuring you drive away with a car that's not just a machine but an extension of your lifestyle. Your road to unrivalled automotive satisfaction begins here. Contact us at Patrick Auto Group – where your automotive journey transcends the ordinary.


Explore Top-notch New Cars for Sale in Port Macquarie - Patrick Auto Group

Immerse yourself in the epitome of automotive excellence with Patrick Auto Group, your trustworthy companion in discovering pristine new cars for sale in Port Macquarie. With a legacy extending over 25 years, we have seamlessly blended authenticity with innovation to cater to the automotive aspirations of the Port Macquarie community. Our expansive, state-of-the-art showroom in Port Macquarie is a tribute to our relentless commitment towards showcasing a kaleidoscope of new cars, each narrating its saga of aesthetics and functionality.

Patrick Auto Group

197 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 65841800

LMCT 13123, 075347, 076766

Patrick Auto Group - Service

197 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 6584 1800

Patrick Auto Group - Parts

197 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 6584 1800

Service and Parts Centre

169 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 6584 1800

Service and Parts Centre - Service

169 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 6584 1800

Service and Parts Centre - Parts

169 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: (02) 6584 1800

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